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"Thank you for looking after Simbas over the years"          











Simba is 14 years old. He lives between the trees in a Wendy House at the bottom of our garden.


Inside his house is a cosy hutch for sleeping in with a bed of straw and sawdust. His Wendy House is painted green and has two doors. The outer door to keep out the wind and rain and an inner mesh door, to keep him safe from Mr. Fox.


Simba is a cross breed rabbit. His mother was a Harlequin and his father a Lionhead. He has very distinctive markings, a mixture of grey, white and brown with a white blaze nose and a “Lions ruff” around his neck.


He is happy and content because he is allowed to hop around the garden and pop in and out of his house as he pleases.


Simba drinks water and eats a variety of vegetables along with a Russell mix of dried food. In summertime his sits on the patio and likes to eat small amounts of apples, pears, melon cucumber, lettuce and dandelion leaves and grass!


When he was younger he would jump up on top of his hutch to look out of his Wendy House window sometimes Robins would fly in and take some of his food!


Every day he is loved and gently brushed to keep his fur clean and shiny. In winter when it is very cold as he is quite old he becomes a house rabbit and lives indoors with us in a large cage.


A truly loveable pet.


We would like to thank the lovely staff at Berry House Vets who have looked after Simbas’ eyes and teeth over the years.


Fran Eastwell

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"Thank you all so much for your care and support with Chloe"          










I had been attending Berry House for over 20 years with my 5 cats, whilst my Husband had been attending another veterinary practice with our 11 year old Black Labrador Chloe.  


During the last 12 months Chloe has had a large lump appear on her head between her ears and we were so concerned about the impact that this was having with her lifestyle and temperament that we decided to go to Berry House for a second opinion.


Chloe’s lump on her head was increasing in size very quickly and was starting to cause her problems such as being unable to open her mouth even for a biscuit (Unheard of for Labrador’s). She was unable to open her mouth to carry her tennis ball, pick up her toys and was not far off being unable to open her mouth to eat her food.


We had attended Berry House a couple of times and Chloe was given anti-inflammatory tablets and painkillers. We had to go back again within two months as things were getting a lot worse very quickly.  We decided to have an X-Ray on Chloe’s head at which point it was discovered that this lump was calcified and was resting on the outside of her skull indicating that it could be removed. We had to make a rapid decision whether to proceed with this operation or the other alternative would have been to put Chloe to sleep.


We cannot thank Sally and her team at Berry House enough for carrying out this operation and to say that Chloe has had a new lease of life is putting it mildly. She is like our puppy again, after 7 days Chloe desperately wanted her tennis ball, we threw it for her, but she wouldn’t pick it up remembering what pain it had caused her before the operation, it took her just 10 days after the operation to be able to open her jaw fully enough to pick up her tennis ball and a few days after that she was picking up her toys to bring to us. This had not happened for quite some weeks before the operation.


Once again, thank you all so much for your care and support with Chloe.  



Tim & Trina & Leanne Rodger

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They were really good and helpful.  I had a somewhat traumatic experience as whilst getting the cat carrier out of the car I managed to dislocate my shoulder!  They offered to look after the cat and even offered to take me to A&E, I think they were more worried than I was!  The cat was looked after really well and even given extra breakfast.  They are always extremely professional and approachable.  Highly recommended.



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Always friendly and helpful, has special clinics to address targeted issues and

puppy socialisation...



5 Stars